Welcome to my blog, Strangely Iridescent!

I’m pretty much your everyday blogger that likes to write up thought pieces. In general, my posts tend to revolve around asking ourselves,

What’s next?

We know what we’re after, but we can’t seem to get there. We recognise what’s happened, yet we feel helpless against it.

Sometimes it all feels a bit too much and everything is out of place, so I observe the steps we’ve taken and reflect.

I like to write about whatever interests me, stringing the lessons I’ve extracted into something we can move with.

  • Ease Before Difficulty
    Let’s spend some time reminding ourselves that you don’t need to seek pain to gain something…
  • Distraction and Diversion
    I wanted to dig into the role of distraction in our lives: the situations in which it aids us, as well as the times it makes everything worse…
  • Religion and My Reason
    How did I come to believe in Islam?

Something else on your mind?

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