Over to You

What’s been on your mind recently? I was thinking about what was said by a blogger named Troy Headrick and how most of us like to hide a lot about ourselves. I blog, but the irony in me is that I’m the silent type that doesn’t like to talk much and prefers to move quietly without drawing attention to myself. I choose to act over talking whenever I can. I can be around others and don’t mind if they have a lot to say or want to start a conversation with me, but I prefer that my responses revolve around the type that brings out more from you. If I give advice, my priority rests with my actions so that people don’t have to feel alone in their struggles, and so that my advice directly affects me if I get it wrong. It acts as a reminder for myself to be careful about the advice I give.

Double irony, but it seems as though my actions have a tendency to draw attention. I was running outside one day and this person I’m passing by asks, ‘why do you run everywhere you go?’ I’m fairly certain that I’ve never met the person. Context: I run, even during casual days out because it can feel too slow walking. I also like to run, even in the absence of any purpose. Ah, oh well, I’ve learnt of ways to keep hidden even when placed under a spotlight. At the end of the day, I don’t mind being open about myself, I’m simply reserved by nature, so I stay that way unless prompted for one reason or another. If I need to draw a lot of attention to myself, I will.

I write stuff, yes, but I treat my blogs more as a journal than as a voice. Otherwise, it’s always a pleasure to hear what it is that you want to be able to say or discuss about. For that reason, I’ve also been pondering over the option of reducing the consistency of my posts so I could spend more time listening to what others have to say. It doesn’t really matter if there was a lesson in it or not, I’m generally grateful for having heard from you.

Hope you’re all safe!

9 thoughts on “Over to You

    1. Thanks for sharing the video! Hopefully I’ve been able to give people the space to feel listened to in my life.

      Also, your welcome. I remember in one of our conversations how I said that I never give others enough credit, so it’s only fitting that I should do what I can to make up for it.


      1. For sure, I think what makes someone feel listened to, is when the focus is on the speaker/writer and what they’re saying. Like in blogging, I remember at the beginning of my blogging journey, after I read blog posts, I’d comment on how the blog post related to my experience and how it helped me. Sometimes I think I’d even vent out in an unconscious selfish way. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to share one’s personal takeaways because it lets the bloggers know the takeaway one gets, and the perspectives of the readers/listeners and their backgrounds and experiences. The venting out, though, I think I’ve learned to stop doing depending on if I’ve known the blogger for time and am just sharing my latest problem/worry. I’ve learned that people appreciate the positive comments better than the negative ones. I know I do.

        Then I learned to comment in a different way such as by restating some of the things that were mentioned that were related to what the blogger said about themselves and their life story. And also finding ways to leave a comment with cheer, empathy, a question that shows one’s listening, things I noticed they’re doing well on, encouragement for when things are not going so well, or thoughts related to what I felt was the most highlighted point/message throughout their post which was probably what was most important to them.

        As of right now, I’m challenging myself to leave comments that expand on Great post! And explaining the why. I think that also makes people feel heard. I would read the way other bloggers commented and learned from them how to be less self-centered with my comments/listening, and I think that led to better listening on my part. I’m still learning though!

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      2. It definitely sounds like a type of listening I‘d want to experiment with within my own practices. You touched on a lot of concepts similar to what I had in mind, though like you, I’m still learning. It’s been a pleasure being able to read through your views on listening!

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