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After a Month of Blogging Through my Phone, Dot Dot Dot

That’s not a phone.

So yeah, I decided about a month ago to see if blogging through my phone would make any difference to my style. If you regularly read my posts, you’re probably better equipped to tell me about any changes in some respects because the proof is pretty much in everything I’ve written before and during, but it’s still worth mentioning the stuff I’ve noticed for myself. I’m not necessarily looking to justify any of it here, mostly writing surface-level notes on it all.

What Changed?

No more Stock Photos

For one, I began to use my own photos I’d take to fill a post with. It was fun thinking of ways to be more creative with the images I took. I began to eventually realise I needed some foundation to the photos I’d take because there’s only so many photos you can take of something outright different each time. I never got to fully follow this through due to the limited number of posts I’ve made, but I was thinking I could take a hobby like origami and take pictures of it in different settings in fun ways. Alternatively, I could go meta by taking photos of handwritten notes to do with the post. The purpose is pretty much to prevent me from placing too much emphasis on the photos and more on the content.

I’m Probably more Relaxed

It takes me about an hour to write a post versus four on a laptop, I believe because I tend to write subjectively as opposed to objectively. When I wrote about my journal habits, I simply shared some of my pages. If I’d written about it on a laptop, I probably would’ve touched on what makes an effective journal. I never mentioned it, but this was extremely difficult for me to get into. Let’s just say that I’ve been attempting to journal for the better part of a decade on almost a yearly basis.

If I were to translate a post like that into my phone, I probably would’ve made a follow-up post showing you my previous attempts at journalling and how I adapted each time. In other words, the lessons I’ve taken from an experience are implied, rather than structurally expressed.

This had the Negative Effect of making Serious Posts more Difficult to Write

I haven’t written anything for a while recently because I insisted on being able to share a more coherent thought process, something akin to how I usually would on a laptop or computer. Yeeeeeeeaaaah, I ended up procrastinating a bunch. The screen size, its general purpose of calling people, the unfamiliarity with writing on it–this made everything feel so awkward for me to source stuff and think as coherently on a phone. For one, I felt like it was inappropriate to write about it because it felt like I wasn’t taking it seriously.

Is it right for me to feel this way? Maybe, maybe not. Again, this post is pretty basic, it’s really not trying to justify anything.

Oh, and I’m more Talkative

Huge plus for me, but commenting on people’s blogs or responding to comments made on my own felt smooth, as in much easier. I mean it’s a phone after all, you generally use these things for chatting. Asking questions at the end of my post meant next to nothing because of how chatty and basic of a mood I was in when writing begin with.

It’s been a Ride

Coffee wise.

It’s been so interesting to see how simply changing the medium I write on could shift my writing style and so my voice in turn.

Do I want to continue with it?

I don’t know, but for now, I’d like to get back to writing out more structured thoughts on life again. I miss them.

If you’ve been around, I’d definitely appreciate it if you could let me know about any changes you’ve noticed about myself or any other changes to my blog. Likewise, do you have any of your own stories of how a change in style or environment has had a huge impact on how you present yourself in general?


4 thoughts on “After a Month of Blogging Through my Phone, Dot Dot Dot

  1. Hi, I found this interesting, thanks! I gave up stock photos a while ago and rely on photos taken on my phone. I can choose the subjects and frame these how I choose. I think this sits well with the whole concept of a blog being a personal view on the world.

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  2. I’ve gone 180º opposite. I’ve stopped using my phone for anything about blogging whether it be writing or commenting. I find that I’m more inclined to write a variety of posts when I’m at a computer with a bigger screen, more ability to be creative– I feel like a writer. When I was using my phone I felt like I was a kid in class trying to get away with something while I ignored the teacher. Go figure

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    1. I feel pretty similar when using my phone, as in a kid in class trying to get away with something. Probably why I feel super chill about anything I write, to a point where I feel it’s inappropriate for me to write anything ‘proper’.

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