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Balancing Religion and Life in My Blog

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If you were to browse through the posts I write, you’ll probably notice that many of them are expressed through Islam. Believe or not though, I mostly write assuming no one has any interest in learning about the religion. I figured this idea would make for an interesting post, so I’m going to take you behind and scenes and get a little into what I account for when I write.

My Intention for Writing

Let’s start with the basics. I grew up in the UK, so I’m grateful to the country for allowing me to stay. I’m also grateful to my religion for all its taught me. Though the majority of people in the country aren’t followers of the religion, I insist on giving something back. On the other hand, credit where credit is due, so I’m not about to pretend that everything I do has nothing to do with my religion. One day, I decided to start a blog sharing my thoughts on whatever I feel like in the moment. The purpose of my blog isn’t actually to talk about religion, I simply so happen to love writing about it. However, I figured I could give back to the country I’m living in by writing about the religion in a way where absolutely anyone–even those who hate the religion–has the opportunity to draw some good from it, even if all it did was make them think a little more about their own lives.

The Effect this has on what I Write

Let’s say I’m looking back on my life and how my prayers gave me a sense of peace and clarity in my life. Whether I was at the beach or under pressure to study, I threw it all out my mind and focused on my prayer what I was able when the time to pray came. Eventually, I realised that my prayers made sure I was never carried away by life’s rush in all its forms. It reminded me that the pleasures of the beach were fleeting; my life isn’t defined by an exaggerated dedication to a successful career, even when it felt like everyone around me prided themselves on it. When it came round to writing something on my blog, I’d write all this, then go on to consider how life can feel like it wants us to run everywhere and in every direction. I might go on to talk about how crucial it is to set up moments of mindfulness throughout the day, moments that remind us not to be slaves to everything around us. If I wanted to, I could’ve then begun to consider the difference between prayer and mindfulness, but believe me, this can drag on and on. If I told you how I believe prayer had an advantage against mindfulness in general, I could as easily go on to simplify the idea to fit anyone, to which you could once again ask about the nuances in taking it religiously. Eventually, you have an essay.

I don’t want to write an essay.

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External Influences

It’s interesting to consider the way our environment affects how we go about doing something. If I were to move to a country with a Muslim majority, I’d then be grateful to them for allowing me to stay there at the moment in time, so I’d probably start to talk more often in terms of pure religion. To some extent, I believe each of us has something external that affects our how. You could attempt to accommodate for literally every circumstance, but you’d have to be aware of every single circumstance out there first, then go on to define every exception in everything you say. This isn’t realistic, nor is it necessary… unless you’re writing for academic purposes, but then that’d mean you’re no longer writing for your regular everyday Joe, which is a paradox.

I’m getting off topic. When I’m grateful for something, I feel the need to give back. That’s how you make sense of the way I write.

That’s it for me for now. How about you, how much of the environment do you think affects what you write about or do?


2 thoughts on “Balancing Religion and Life in My Blog

  1. Good question, no real answer. I realize that my environment impacts what I write about but I couldn’t say how much of an impact it has on the way I express myself. Maybe more than I imagine? Maybe less than I think? Still I persevere regardless– and maybe that’s the best that can come of it.

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    1. After all the years I’ve spent trying to understand myself and others, there’s still a lot left I don’t get. However, I figure there’s not much point in fretting about it too much if we don’t see any issue with it anyhow. Best to move forward like you said.

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