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Adding Art to Knowledge

When we look at how art is defined, we find it’s about how we go about expressing ourselves. Although what may first come to mind is of paintings and the like, so is writing or acting an art, or even in matters like listening. I believe the relationship art has to knowledge is pretty much like considering the significance of example to truth… I’ll show you what I mean.


Everything we know can be considered in terms of the foundations we set ourselves on. Everything else can only be as strong as they are; when they’re weak, so too is everything else.



2 thoughts on “Adding Art to Knowledge

  1. I’ve never though about the foundations of art. I know I can trace my educational/work experiences and the knowledge I’ve gained from them, but how I came to be artistic is a guess. I shall muse on this.

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    1. I started thinking about the difference between art and knowledge in part because of some research I did a number of months ago on what category statistics fall under because there’s some disagreement on whether it’s considered an art or a science. Then I got into this rabbit hole of what the difference between art and science is.

      Long story short, art can be considered the application of science. I didn’t bother to write about it until now. Even then, like a lot of things I write, it doesn’t reference the actual context, i.e., statistics.

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