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Typing Away

Photo by Caryn on | Typing away, except romanticised with this image.

I’ve been meaning to write up a post about my absence for the last months’ worth because there’s a chance I’ll stay mostly silent for a little longer… or a lot. Okay, let me tell you what I mean by that.

For a long while now, I’ve wanted to be able to directly expand on my thoughts on different verses of the Qur’an because I always end up with a ton of thoughts on it as I read it, which can be so difficult to keep up with in my head. If anything, my attempts to blog and keep a journal have been a means towards eventually doing so. (I’m pretty sure that, given how basic the journal is in what I did during the day, I’m more accurately keeping a diary of my day.) Alhamdulillah though, I’ve recently been able to do write up those thoughts in a way I’m content with. If you were able to look at to look at how often I’ve been writing it up, it pretty much resembles the consistency I would’ve been writing these blogs with, about every 2-4 days. It’s been nice. In my past attempts, sometimes my words came out so jumbled that even I struggled to figure out what I was originally trying to get at or it was so simple that even I struggled to figure out what I was originally trying to get at. (Yes, I know I said that twice.) This time feels different though. It’s like I can look back at it and be like, “Yeah, I’d like to be able to look back on this every so often and see how what I’ve drawn from these verses and how it can help me to understand and practice the religion further.”

It’s currently being written in book form because God willing, my aim now is to detail my thoughts on every verse in Suratul-Kahf, or Chapter of the Cave. There’s a general theme, it’s self-contained, so it just makes sense to write it out like a book. After that, I’m not certain about where I want to take it if I’m successful on that, as in besides going onto another chapter. I might start to share what I’ve written on it a blog, probably a new one given how different the style is and how its more focused towards practicing the religion versus my usual attempts here to make it practical for anyone in general. God willing, maybe I’ll paste an extract soon to show you what I mean. If I do decide to start sharing in parts, it’d probably be after a couple of months more or so to give me ample time to find and iron out any wrinkles in the general structure slash plan of the book as I go along. Plus, it means I’ll have a lot to consistently share already as I continue to write. I’d also like to make sure this isn’t one of those times where I start something and fall out of the habit a month after.

That brings me back to this blog specifically. I’m not sure what I want to do with it anymore. Anyone with any ideas or tips?


6 thoughts on “Typing Away

  1. I don’t know if this will be helpful but one thing I learned about blogging early on is you have to decide: are you a creator or a coach? That is, do you see yourself writing to express yourself authentically in a way that draws in readers then starts conversations? OR do you see yourself as someone who encourages/instructs others, perhaps through challenges and how-to posts, guiding them to be better? Both are good, can overlap, but everyone has their strength.

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