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I’m most likely shy when it comes to personal details, but I don’t mind telling you stuff that helps you to get a feel for the style in which I write, as well as go a bit more into the principles that my blog stands on.

Personal Influences

I see myself as a Muslim first and foremost, applying much of what I’ve studied about my religion to every aspect of my life. After that, I like to understand what makes us believe and act the way we do. Whether it’s about our sleep, what we eat, how our history and community shapes us, the psychology behind our decisions, I like to look into those fields in my free time too. I also like to climb, run, crochet, do some maths, read, you know, stuff. That’s me.

I often take ideas from everyday events, hobbies I like and whatever interests me to create the thought pieces that make up this blog.

The Style of My Posts

Let’s go into how this links to the title of my website. Iridescence is a phenomena in which the colours of a surface seemingly shift when light hits them from a different angle. These shifts can also happen when you choose to view them from a different angle instead. For example, the tail feathers of a peacock can come to reflect shades of blue or green, but the feathers themselves are actually brown.

Photo by Alexas Fotos on | Pretty cool, don’t you think?

In relation to my blog, it’s that the stuff I like to write about talk about one thing, only for me to consider the extent to which these reflections apply to rest of our lives. Due to that, you’re going to find a lot of analogies being made, forming links between how plants grow and how it might help us to understand difficulty. You’re going to find I move from talking about the proofs within Islam that discourage arrogance, yet the proofs themselves are used in reference to consider what it means to consider something with reason. Meanwhile, I’m talking about the advances in our understanding about trauma as written by a child psychiatrist, yet the blog itself is about being able to recognise it within our lives. Whether I’m using religion, science or hobbies as analogies to support the thoughts that run through my mind, I’m not trying to prove something to anyone, I’m wondering how we can take what we know and apply it within our lives.

There’s this emphasis I place on being able to explore what we know, not about being right. There’s room for us to think, to grow, to ask ourselves what’s next, no matter how conclusive the information we hold may seem. Strangely Iridescent. It’s that we may know it’s good to be kind, but we want to ask ourselves what we need to consider, so we can actually be kind.

There’s this heavy emphasis I place, not on being right, but about about how to get there. That’s pretty much what my blog seeks to do. I’m not interested in writing about perfection, I’m interested in taking what we know further and the steps we can take that allow us to become better people with each passing day. I wanted to create a space to breathe, a place we can recognise there’s still more to what we know and can do with it, a place to believe there’s still hope for what we begin to lose hope for. I love to write because I want to reflect on the good and find a means with which I can act on it. Tag along if you like.

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